Hawaiian Banana Bread



Hawaiian Banana Bread

I hate bananas. They smell bad and they taste bad. But bake me a good banana bread- I can never refuse! And we all know that Mom’s baking is the best.

A couple weeks ago, I attempted my mom’s banana bread recipe for the first time with my friend, Ryan. It didn’t turn out quite right. The bread was more of a pudding consistency than a bread consistency. Maybe it was the bleached flour that I used and that I didn’t properly sift the flour when converting it to cake flour. Or maybe it was because we lined a teflon-flaking bread pan with aluminum foil. Or that we used an extra banana. (It was probably the extra banana) Regardless, it wasn’t quite like Mom’s Banana Bread.

Now that I’m home from my internship, I have made another batch of banana bread, using the clay bread pan that my mom uses to bake the bread. In spite of forgetting to beat the eggs prior to mixing it with the creamed butter and sugar, I think it turned out quite alright. I think the pan has a lot to do with the texture. My only criticism of this round of banana bread is that it was too much of a bread and not enough of a banana pudding.

I can’t say right now what the texture should feel like, but my gut reaction tells me that much of the texture that I seek lies in the perfect amount of mashed bananas.

*I used this to convert unbleached all-purpose flour into cake flour. It isn’t perfect, but that’s totally okay.


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