Sunny Lemon Bars

Sunny Lemon Bar Whole

Individual Bars

Another recipe, courtesy of Cheryl and Griffith Day! They actually have two lemon bar recipes- this one that comes out with a stickier lemon part and another that comes out with a creamier lemon portion.

I’m back where I have an oven and baking supplies! So, naturally, right back at it- until school starts, again… Any way, about the recipe.

I bought six lemons to make one cup of lemon juice, since I’ve gotten a quarter cup out of a lemon before, I figured I’d be safe going with six lemons, and I’d have a couple left over to make lemonade. What actually happened? I juiced all six lemons and fell short of the 1 cup mark, but lucky enough for my fellow Sunny Lemon Bar consumers since the bars turned out on the fairly sour side. My friend, Jenny, was helping me with baking and she put all the sugar that the recipe called for. Still, the bars turned out very sour. I guess for the sour-foods fans, this is perfect. Anything else and this will fall on the sour side of preferences.

I think for the next time I bake this, I’m going to use less lemon juice and the same amount of sugar. And less of the crust, since that turned out a bit on the thick side for my taste. That, or find an actual 9×13 in pan.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, that little mark in the top right of the lemon bars is what happens when you get a drop of water on the bar and then dust powdered sugar over it. For any recipe that doesn’t include water in it: WATER IS YOUR ENEMY.

All these pictures are so large… Trying to figure out how to fix tha


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