“Blasp”berry Macadamia Nut Pie


I recently was charged with the task of baking a dessert with macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts make fabulous pie crusts, as I learned from baking Ohelo Berry Pie when I was in Hawai’i. There were two problems with this macadamia nut pie crust plan 1. No ohelo berries on the mainland; and 2.  No recipe for that pie on hand. Instead, I decided that the next best thing was to travel by my instinct with a couple pointers to guide me. I googled “macadamia nut pie crust” and ended up using this as a basic guideline for the nut crust, only I left out the panko and added more macadamia nuts. Then I googled something along the line of berry filling. But that was super hard to get something that was useable for what I wanted. So I sorta just thought back to the other times that I had done things with berries. It was settled: a blueberry-raspberry pie in a macadamia nut crust.

So this is what has been produced, moderately haphazardly in my brand new Friday-gift-to-myself 9.5-inch pie pan, which I’m super excited about. Especially because it was on sale. Any way. It was okay. The crust didn’t turn out quite right, and I added too much water to the berries when I was cooking them. The bottom crust soaked through with the berry juice and absorbed the crust into the berry mix. The flavors also don’t do much to enhance each other- it’s really just a blueberry-raspberry flavor and then macadamia nut flavor. Perhaps if I had a chosen a sweeter fruit? Or done a kind of meringue or a cheesecake? At least I have a good bit of macadamia nuts to try again with!


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