Pumpkin Pie



It was my friend’s birthday yesterday, and he told me a little while ago that his favorite pie was pumpkin pie. Since his birthday conveniently lands on a day that I’m super free, because who wants to do school work on a Friday any way, I decided to expand my pie repertoire to include pumpkin pie! I combined two recipes for this one. The first was a shortcut pie crust recipe from my Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook and the second was a Paula Deen recipe for pumpkin pie on Food Network. I needed a pie crust recipe since the pumpkin pie recipe said to buy pre-made pie crust, which I am uncomfortable with.

I learned a different type of pie crust and how to use pie weights and pie crust shields. The crust was definitely the most perfect part of this pie–more indications that I should stick to the doughy things. The issue with the pumpkin part was that the texture was very off. It felt more like under-baked, unset cheesecake. There is the very distinct possibility that I under-baked the pie because the crust was browning really badly, or that the recipe should include a tad more cream cheese and a tad less half-and-half. It still tasted like heaven, after a last minute addition of nutmeg for the whole holiday flavorings.

I don’t know how soon I’ll be baking this pie again, unless I somehow get my hands on pumpkin-mashing supplies. It just felt a little bit false to me to be using pre-made mashed pumpkin. I think I describe myself as a purist when it comes to these things– that when I bake, I bake everything from scratch, or else it doesn’t qualify. Still well worth the short time it takes to prepare this- just about 1.5 hours working time. Less if you use electric beaters and stuff.

I like this pattern of baking on Fridays. It’s a great way to spoil myself and my friends at the end of a week.


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