Apple Crisp


When life gives you lots of apples, you go to the grocery store and buy some lemons to make some apple crisp! Clearly.

I was out with my friend during the day because a class got cancelled and we moved our planned wanderings up a couple hours. Because of this, there was little time to prepare to bake anything (mostly since I only had a quarter-cup of butter left in the morning). The easiest solution to leftover apples is apple crisp, and it requires very few ingredients.

I used a different recipe from the one that I’m used to. This one was off of Allrecipes, and called for melted butter. My old recipe uses cubed butter, which I think makes for a better crisp. Also, dark brown sugar is far superior to light brown sugar, I’ve decided.

My only advice? Use baking apples like Granny Smith and Honey Crisp- ones that have a very crunchy texture. You will never regret baking hard apples.


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