Bourbon Glaze Bread Pudding



For the past few months, I’ve been thinking about making a bread pudding, only the Challah for Hunger sales didn’t start until a few weeks ago. And I don’t tend to bake on Saturdays very often, and that’s when the Challah will be just stale enough to bake with, since the Challah isn’t delivered until Friday. This Wednesday, I ended up at the grocery store in the bakery section for an event for my student group. And what do bakeries have? BREAD! So I bought 2 baguettes to stale on my windowsill for a couple days.

The only trick for this one was getting my hands on Bourbon, particularly since I’m not allowed to buy alcoholic beverages. I ended up asking my friend Doug to get some for me, but only something that he would also consume. So I ended up with a Tennessee Whiskey instead, called Jack Daniel’s. So that’s what I used, because when life gives you alcohol, you bake with it, regardless of what you’ve got.

Any way. The recipe I used was from The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook, since it’s really the only cookbook I own (shameful, I know, but at least it’s an amazing one). And boy! this recipe is good. Sinfully good.¬†Even though the recipe calls for Challah or Ciabatta, baguette worked very well, particularly because it wasn’t incredibly dense, which made the pudding feel less heavy. However, the best part was definitely the whiskey glaze. Made with just butter, confectioner’s sugar, heavy cream, and a few splashes of Jack, it was simply a sliver of heaven on my tongue.

I’m sold on bread pudding. I had to have two servings of it because I’m a little addicted to the sensation of incredible foodgasms, and this bread pudding does the trick!


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