Back to the Basics: Ginger Cookies


For the past few years, I have been whole-heartedly devoted to one recipe for ginger cookies. It’s from AllRecipes: Big, Soft Ginger Cookies and it’s truly delicious. This summer, I baked these ginger cookies, and to my dismay, the dough did not come together and I had a gingery, half-doughy plop of sadness. And for the past four months, I’ve been avoiding making the cookies because of my fear that somehow I had lost the ability to bake ginger cookies.

Earlier this week, I helped my friend bake a cheesecake and a couple of pies for a work Halloween party, and I decided that somehow that meant that I didn’t have enough time and also shouldn’t bake again. But I should know myself better than to have thought that I would pass up the perfect opportunity to bake, because Fridays really are wonderfully free days, just open to all kinds of baking adventures.

And so, that brings us to yesterday, the 1st of November! And ginger cookies taste delicious in November (well, always, but especially now), so I decided to give it a go once again, and hang up the recipe if it failed once more.

To my luck, it didn’t fail! It worked beautifully and I made these lovely ginger cookies. Tips for these: be very watchful in the last few minutes of baking, because they approach perfectly baked slowly and become over-baked incredibly quickly. There should be a couple cracks that form in the top of the cookie and the edges should be slightly browned–I have found that taking the cookies out at this point yields soft, baked-just-right ginger cookies. Oh! And don’t be afraid to be generous with the spices–when mixing the dry ingredients, regularly smell the mixture to see if it smells like how you want your cookies to smell coming out of the oven. I usually do about double the amount that the recipe calls for, for the spices.

Happy November!


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