Dessert Night

Dessert Night

Some time ago, I decided that I was going to host a dessert night. I would bake some assortment of desserts and have some friends over for a small get together. Since I am also helping to fundraise for Camp Kesem MIT, I decided to also make dessert night into some sort of fundraiser. Originally, I had planned an enormous host of goodies to make. But ended up deciding (mostly due to the small number of people who said they were coming) that I would just make a few.

I started on my baking journey on Friday with a chocolate mousse. Unfortunately, I bought unsweetened chocolate and the melted chocolate solidified slightly as I mixed in the egg whites and the heavy cream and the mousse came out bitter and chunky. This was simply unacceptable!

Next up on the list was New York Cheesecake (recipe here). I love making cheesecake! And this turned out particularly well. The cheesecake was the perfect combination of creamy and rich. Any way, this recipe is really good. The only difference between the recipe and what I actually made. Instead of putting the crust in the refrigerator, I baked the crust for about ten minutes. I find that this slightly caramelizes the sugar in the crust, which introduces a delicious nutty flavor! Served with blueberries and whipped cream!

DSC_0771             DSC_0776

Because of the disaster of chocolate mousse, I decided that the party needed another dessert. I went to and organized the desserts by rating and found this Blueberry Crumb Cake. Yes, I’m fairly sworn off of cake-making, but this one is a single-layer and isn’t just a cake. This also turned out really well. The blueberries (probably from South America since it’s summer down there) were deliciously sweet and the cake turned out well too, although a little on the sweet side. I’d suggest not putting all the streusel crumbs on top of the cake, because it is a bit much and hides the flavor of the cake.

DSC_0769              DSC_0777

And that was my Friday!

Saturday started bright and early with rolling out the pie crust I made on Friday. This is the same pie I made for my parents and for Pi Day 2013–Salted Caramel Apple Pie from The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook by Cheryl and Griffith Day. Once again, the pie crust was too dry, so the rolling out process turned into quite the war, trying to preserve enough of the dough to roll into a large enough circle to fill the pie pan. I should get better at making dough… No, this is not another sad failure story.

Although the crust wasn’t the only cause of grief in the making of this apple pie… I forgot to mail my Fleur de Sel home with the rest of my baking supplies that I keep at school, so instead of adding Fleur de Sel in the salted caramel, I used regular sea salt. NOT A GOOD SUBSTITUTE. The caramel came out disgustingly salty. So salty that I remade the caramel with just a smidge of sea salt.


After salvaging the apple pie, I moved onto making cinnamon rolls! The same recipe as before (Paula Deen’s), only I rolled the dough out extra wide so I could make smaller rolls and used softened butter rather than melted butter. The trouble I ran into with this one was that the dough was a little too wet. Definitely should’ve added more flour!


The final spread:


If you’re interested in making a donation to Camp Kesem, please make your way to my fundraiser page! Thanks!


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