Have I mentioned that this is the BEST week ever? So many yummies to fill our tummies! Mm-mm!

I’ve made croissants, over yesterday and today. My second try at croissants, only this time I’m using my handy-dandy new book The Art of French Pastry. I think this process went a bit better than the last time. There’s a lot of down time, so it’s not actually that difficult. I think the worst part for me that has contributed to the not-optimum-flakiness of these croissants is that I didn’t let the dough come to room temperature before I started rolling out the dough. So the butter broke 😦 Lessons learned: let the butter warm up enough to be pliable before trying to work it!!

Croissants are very fun to make. And full of buttery deliciousness packaged into a delightful yeast pastry form! It takes patience, but there’s a lot of down time to the recipe. So you can scare people and tell them it took you ~10 hours (not counting the full night of rest you had while the dough sat in the refrigerator, and the hearty breakfast you made) when really it’s only about 3.5 active hours.

Also, I somehow managed to measure and cut everything to what the cookbook said and end up with two more croissants. I’m fairly confused about how this happened, but–hey!–two extra croissants never hurt anybody.


One thought on “Croissants!

  1. “Two extra croissants never hurt anybody.” You don’t know that croissants can be pretty violent sometimes 😛
    JK JK So cute.
    Looks delicious!! Next- Chocolate croissants?

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