Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan Cookies


Last one before I return to school. I was flipping around through recipes in some sort of amalgamation of online recipes on Flipboard and came across this magical looking recipe for these Brown Butter Pecan Bourbon Cookies (I think the B’s should all stick together though)! Since I was planning on making cookies for my student group retreat on Saturday, I guess these will just have to do… 😉

Any way, as any good chef or baker knows, you must always taste-test your ingredients. This means I have to taste the Bourbon, sigh, what a life I live, man. I now understand why Bourbon is better in baked foods than it is just consumed, because its wonderful flavor is completely masked by how strong the alcohol is. At least to me. It was kind of like a fire in my throat for a few minutes there.

I have to admit: I was skeptical of these cookies. First off, this was my first time browning butter, so I’m not entirely sure if I did it correctly (same with toasting my pecans). Secondly, the step when you stir the flour mixture in with a wooden spoon yielded a strange consistency that I had not yet experienced before–a dough that was not dough, but powder. Then you add the Bourbon and it’s mostly okay. The Bourbon is to Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan Cookies as water is to bread. The dough just barely managed to come together, but it definitely needs the overnight in the refrigerator to work properly. Then the dough is super hard and difficult to shape into spheres, which is an easy problem to solve with room temperature and patience, but it still feels a little drier than overnight-refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough. Only after I tried a cookie did I realize that my skepticism was for naught and I should have been confident in this recipe (particularly because the comments are quite stellar, and that picture is just unrefutably delicious-looking).

So yes, you should make these cookies, especially if you like Bourbon-sans-alcohol because that’s mostly what I taste. More time-consuming than chocolate chip cookies, but if you actually like Bourbon you could pass the time by taking a swig every now and then. Only on mixing day, not on oven day. I do NOT condone drinking with your hands near high-temperature appliances.

Post-Note: I used Maker’s Mark which isn’t exactly the best Bourbon for drinking.


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