A Cracked “Marble” Cheesecake


Things that happen during days when I feel like I have nothing to do (which is terrible, because these are terrible, illusionary days that are entirely made up by my non-sensible brain to trick my sensible brain into letting me do nothing):

– an irresistible itch to figure out what to bake
– baking
– eating

To satisfy this, I decided that I should go through my Pinterest board of all the foods (baked yummy deliciousnesses) I had pinned and pick something to make. It just so happened that I was talking with my awesome friend and we got on the topic of monkey bread. And I found that I had a recipe for this amazing looking pull apart bread! So I messaged my roommate (my occasional baking partner in crime) to see if she wanted to do this on Friday. She said yes. Of course. Because Fridays are these magical days that are filled with delectable delights. Also because the pull apart bread looks awesome.

But WHAT? It isn’t Friday. It’s Tuesday. And the picture is definitely not of a bread. Why is she lying? She must be delusional and accidentally made a cheesecake instead.

Well, I figured out what I wanted to make. But Friday is so impossibly far away, and I had the kind of baking urge that wouldn’t be satisfied by knowing that Friday was approaching. So I went on a hunt to figure out what to make earlier in the week. Since I haven’t made cheesecake in a while, and it was a friend’s birthday on Saturday, I decided to make a cheesecake for her!

I used this recipe from FoodNetwork.com for a Marble Cheesecake. I would like to say, the batter tasted incredible! It was pretty light for a cheesecake. I have two complaints:

1. 2-3 cups for the marbling was excessive. 2 cups was excessive. Definitely, just use 1 cup. Probably less. Because my cheesecake, as you can see, does not display the lovely marbling pattern I envisioned in my head.

2. Use a water bath? The cheesecake cracked while baking and it’s probably because there was not enough moisture (even though it’s really humid).

But this cheesecake is going to be properly cooled then chilled. It’s been cooling since this morning and will spend tonight and tomorrow chilling, awaiting its glorious consumption tomorrow evening! I’m excited!


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