New York Cheesecake


One of my classes, 2.008: Design and Manufacturing II, comes with a group project component of making 50 yo-yos. My petite group of five made a penguin yo-yo with five components: a yo-yo body, penguin belly, beak and feet, thermoform cover, and shelf (to keep the cover on). And last night was assembly night! Being the incredibly adorable group that we are, we decided that assembly night would also be dinner, movie, and dessert night.

On Sunday, I made a New York Cheesecake (the same one that I made for Dessert Night from Joy of Baking). And while I was grocery shopping for dinner supplies, the berries caught my eye, so I bought some for decorating purposes. I present to you, my first fresh fruit-decorated New York Cheesecake with a Sour Cream top.

The cheesecake turned out quite well–not too sweet and not cracked, but just a tad undercooked. I also used about 3/4 cup less graham cracker (2 cups of graham cracker crumbs is crazy), and only 1/4 cup of butter in the crust. I prefer a thinner crust over a crazy thick one. Also, I ran out of graham crackers.

Second time using this recipe, and it has not disappointed. Anything for a no-water-bath, no-crack cheesecake. The recipe comes with a video too. But I haven’t watched it, so I don’t know what’s in it. Probably regular cooking show stuff.


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