They’re absolutely delicious, and I’ve used a recipe from AllRecipes before, but I decided to look a little bit farther this time and to comb through other baking blogs to find something that felt a little bit more authentic. I found a blog post from The Kitchn that describes the recipe posted as based off of a recipe from Julia Child, and while I bide my time before I can get my hands on her Child’s cookbooks, I shall find myself content with reading others’ versions. Any way, the recipe can be found here and is accompanied with a lovely narrative on the how-to’s and beware’s of the recipe.

The recipe itself is also quite nice. Great set of instructions (except how to brown butter–I learned this from the recipe for the Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan Cookies, but I found this recipe/instructional from how sweet it is) that warns what to be aware of as you’re making the batter, especially the bit about waiting for the butter to incorporate–that definitely took a bit of time. I am a definite fan of this recipe.

The madeleines turned out very nicely! Not too sweet with a wonderful lemon zang to them. Since I only have one madeleine pan, I only made half the batter today. But since the batter can last up to overnight, I have time to bake more madeleines tomorrow! Good thing too, because these were ever so slightly underbaked and I think I can do a better job next time.


2 thoughts on “Madeleines

  1. HIII~

    I just bought Julia Child’s book, My Life in France 🙂 Hehe I’m so excited. YAYYY COOKING.

    Also these look amazing. So yummy.

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