Whole Wheat Fresh Blueberry Scones


I’m heading back to school soon (eee!!), and to round out my wonderful summer at home, I’m keeping myself super busy in the kitchen! My best friend has an obsessive love for scones, and asked if I could make her some. So, I went around the good old Google on the hunt for another scone recipe and found this fabulous looking recipe from King Arthur Flour for Blueberry Scones. We’ve had whole wheat flour lying around the kitchen for some time, so I decided to go for the whole wheat option for the scones.

Since we’re not quite in the practice of having yogurt around the house, and I’m planning on making cookies tomorrow, I decided to go for the whole milk modification that a reviewer suggested. I left out the almond extract, as well. The recipe was straightforward and calls for the perfect amount of blueberries. The only change I made (that was non-reviewer-recommended) was to refrigerate the dough for about half an hour before baking the scones to let the butter set after being worked.

The result: yummy and moist scones! Not too sweet, actually I wouldn’t even say this qualifies as sweet. I wouldn’t say that they are particularly flaky, but they’re very airy with a nice melt-in-your-mouth quality to it. Scones for dessert and breakfast!


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