Argentine Empanadas

DSC_0705 On Thursday, I found the coolest book ever. It’s one of my dad’s old baking books called The Complete Book of Pastry, Sweet & Savory by Bernard Clayton, Jr. It’s from 1981, and has no pictures except on the cover. There are illustrations every here and there to assist with understanding the instructions. Often, there are three sets of instructions for each recipe: by hand, by electric mixer, and food processor. And it appears that the default is instructions by hand. This is very useful for me, because I only work by hand. Even though the lack of photos is somewhat hindering, we live in an age of connectivity and no question that Google Images can’t answer.

Several years ago, there was this empanada shop called Mamma Llama that made incredible empanadas. Beef and raisin, salmon and apricot, spinach and cheese… All wrapped up in this delicious little pocket oozing with butter. We would go to the farmer’s market every weekend and buy empanadas for Sunday breakfast. Unfortunately, this awesome shop closed, much to my family’s chagrin and it’s been many Sundays without empanadas to grace our presence.

So when I came across a recipe for Argentine Empanadas on a Thursday before Father’s Day Sunday, there really was no option other than make empanadas on Sunday. Only these are not breakfast-sized, they’re seven inches across and stuffed with beef. These are dinner empanadas. And, it’s a pretty easy process, the dough is super simple: flour, butter, salt, and water. And beef, onions, raisins, some spices, and hard boiled egg. I opted out of the olives.

Version 2

Overall, the meat I used was super lean and the onion not juicy enough, so the innards were quite dry. The dough should have a little bit more butter as well. But, the flavors and the outer crunch of the dough was wonderful! I think the dish would improve with more ooze and butter.

Empanadas aside, I’m very excited about this book.

Happy Father’s Day!


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