[Chocolate Chip] Banana Bread


Today, I went to Vancouver, BC with a couple of friends. Since we were driving up, we had to have a couple of snacks to tie us over so that we wouldn’t die of hunger sitting in the car, waiting for customs to let us through. I baked banana bread with the leftover bananas my parents left in my freezer, and some cookies (but that’s a recipe that is tried and true… I’ll post that recipe some other time since that one’s a personal one).

I’m using my mom’s recipe for Hawaiian Banana Bread from Betty Crocker, yet another one of the old paperbound books that doesn’t have pictures. I cut sugar in half, which is okay because the point of a snack isn’t to feel like you’re only eating sugar. The issue I ran into was that they don’t taste as banana-y as I would have liked (this, coming from someone who really doesn’t like bananas). I only used three of the frozen bananas, but I think something happens in the defrosting process that deprives the banana of some juice when they get mashed for the bread. I’ll probably use four next time (if I’m using frozen bananas again).

I added the chocolate chips as an afterthought, which is why the photo below doesn’t have chocolate chips in the loaf. Also, loaves are super small and adorable because I don’t have a normal-sized bread pan. I only have a mini bread pan that I found from Goodwill. 🙂


On the whole, I think the bread was a little dense, so I’ll probably use less flour and mix less. Although, the less flour would really only come into play if I end up with the same volume of mashed bananas as I did this time… We’ll see. I’d like to make a fluffier bread next time though.

Cheers! Happy Saturday!


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