Blueberry Scones


I’ve made these before! I wrote about them here. Except this version is not whole wheat. This one is the all-purpose unbleached flour version. This is the I also did the whole milk substitution again, because the grocery store only had nonfat yogurt (which I bought, because of breakfast), and it’s against my belief to use nonfat Greek yogurt in a scone. Fat is important.

Side note, I made these awesome emergency biscuits a couple weeks ago because I had an emergency, obviously, and the milk held for a lovely moistener. I believe in the emergency biscuit and the productivity of whole milk in it.

I’m still on a quest to make that perfect Raging Sage scone, which they unfortunately do not advertise on their website. [They also have very good coffee, I’m told. So if you’re into coffee and live in Tucson, you should go get a cup of Americano and a scone.]

I digress. Why do I want to make that perfect scone? Raging Sage scones are the fluffiest, butteriest, moistest, loftiest, deliciousest, but somehow also dense and satisfying. It’s pure magic and pure delight and I wish I had these scones every morning.

And this recipe is not the Raging Sage scone. It makes a pretty good scone, but it’s definitely not on the same level. They’re a little too far on the airy/dry side. Closer to a biscuit than a scone. Maybe more butter next time? Or maybe it was the milk that made is biscuit-like? Maybe I’ll try it with yogurt next time. Probably more yogurt than the recipe calls for though. My flour is a bit on the dry side.


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