Blueberry-Lemon Ricotta Cookies


“WHAT? That’s not a picture of cookies,” is probably what you’re thinking. You’re right. These are blueberry bushes! I went blueberry picking at the U-Pick farm, Bybee Farms. It’s in North Bend, WA, which is just about the cutest town I’ve seen for a while. It’s got the countryside feel with large backyards and frontyards, long driveways, and plenty of grass. And it’s snuggled right up against Mt. Si:


Any way. I very much like this little town. I could have a cow and several chickens if I lived there. Also, come blueberry season, you can go down to Bybee Farms and pick yourself a whole bunch of blueberries for $2/lb! Blueberry syrup, blueberry pie, blueberry scones, blueberry bundt cake, blueberry yogurt cake, blueberry crumble, blueberry cobbler… blueberry lemon ricotta cookies!

I haven’t made these lemon ricotta cookies in a few years now, I don’t know why… But, I first made them in high school, and instantly loved the strong lemon flavor and the wonderful mini-cake texture. Here’s the fabulous picture of the cookies:


Clearly, I am not a decorator. This was the best angle, I promise. Let’s move beyond that.

I added a cup of blueberries to the recipe, and made a blueberry glaze (just boiled and mashed the berries in some sugar water with a dash of vanilla extract). These cookies are something else. I already love the lightness of the cookie, and to add that to the gentle ooze of the baked blueberry… Marvelous! I highly suggest anybody with blueberries on their hands to make these cookies if their blueberries are in danger of going unconsumed.


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