Peanut Butter [Chocolate Chip] Cookies


I saw a dietician last week as a part of this new-member thing at my local gym. She had some good ideas and she had some bad ideas. I’m proud to say that I’ve combined a bad and a good idea into this newest product-of-the-kitchen of mine: Peanut Butter [Chocolate Chip] Cookies.

She told me that I should eat every three hours, and that the snack times can be something as simple as two teaspoons of peanut butter. I thought the peanut butter thing was a fabulous idea (not a fan of limiting to two teaspoons–might as well not eat the peanut butter), so I brought peanut butter into the office. And some apples. So I had peanut butter and apples for snack the past two days. More than two teaspoons, mind you. It was closer to three tablespoons? (Very¬†conservative estimate, of course.)

I told her that I had a cookie as a snack the day I saw her. She looks at me, all self-righteous and condescending, and then closes her eyes as she says, “You know? Cookies have their place.”

Let me translate: “DON’T EAT THE DAMN COOKIE.”

Which is just about the worst advice for someone who is not dieting and doesn’t need to and doesn’t want to. I saw a personal trainer (also part of this new-member thing) yesterday and he told me I don’t need to diet (that I shouldn’t). In fact, the fancy InBody body comp measuring machine confirmed this. So, Miss Dietician, I will eat the damn cookie. Actually, I’ll make 86 cookies and distribute them so that other people will eat the damn cookie with me. Because happiness, aka cookie, is positive contributor to good health.

Any way, you see how these two pieces of advice came together only so naturally: peanut butter and cookie combined into a craving of peanut butter cookies. Plus chocolate. But I only put chocolate in 46/86 of the cookies. So that’s good, right?

I used this recipe here from for soft peanut butter cookies. But then threw in some chocolate chips for good measure! It’s an easy recipe, and certainly does not make four dozen cookies, unless your cookies are face-sized cookies. I mean, 2.5c of flour, a cup of butter, and a cup of peanut butter? That has to make more than four dozen cookies.

I only used 3/4c peanut butter–I’m saving the rest for my two-teaspoon snacks ;-). Also, I didn’t roll them in sugar. There’s already two cups of sugar in them, and they’re plenty sweet.


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