My boyfriend is coming to visit! Super exciting news. But he has a super early flight in, but doesn’t get in before I leave for work… Which leaves a conundrum of what he will eat in the morning, because I have very little food in my refrigerator. I was first thinking brioche. Then thinking scones. But I didn’t want to buy too much stuff, so I decided on biscuits!

I’m using this Food Network recipe for “Southern Biscuits”. It’s easy, straightforward, and look at those flakes! The biscuits doubled in height as they baked, thanks to the 4 teaspoons of baking powder. I didn’t use shortening, because I’m not about that life. And I substituted Half&Half for buttermilk. So these are ultra fatty biscuits.

They’re plain as can be, which means butter and jam will definitely be needed. They’re very yummy though! Plenty flaky. So I’ve left over half of the dough in the refrigerator to throw more in the oven tomorrow morning before I leave for work!

For now, these few will accompany my dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. 🙂


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