Fudgy Brownies


The weather has taken a turn for the worse… It’s officially Fall in Seattle as the cloudy gloom has begun to settle in and the cool Summer evenings have turned cold. Besides the tell-tale markers of feeling compelled to wear sweaters to work rather than cotton button downs, my coconut oil is now solid. A feat it has not achieved since I bought it over two months ago.

But, this very grey weather does have its benefits! It makes me much more desperate for chocolate in any form, and so, I present to you, today’s chocolate dessert/snack/lunch. Made as I chow down on chocolate chips.

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe found here and found it to be quite satisfying. I like my brownies to mostly be chocolate, and here we have half a pound of chocolate, a stick of butter, sugar, and some flour. I do like this recipe. I don’t recall what percent dark bitter-sweet refers to, but I made these brownies with 75% dark because that’s the chocolate I happened to buy last night at the grocery store.

Any way, here’s to cloudy mornings! We’ll definitely be seeing more of those… And chocolate-themed desserts.


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