Egg Waffles and Granola

Happy Labor Day! I woke up bright and early at 7am (and yes, today it was bright out!) and decided it was a wonderful day to try making egg waffles, and to replenish my granola supply by making some of my own. 🙂 Happy day indeed! Be warned, the post is heavy on the words and light on the pictures.

I found two recipes: egg waffle recipe and granola recipe. I followed the first recipe as best as I could because I don’t yet have a scale (yes, an abomination I am well aware). And I used the second recipe as a guidance, not so much a rule-book.

Let’s begin with the egg waffles:

Every time my family goes to Hong Kong, we always hunt down an egg waffle stand and buy the delicious treat: crunchy on the outside, slightly doughy on the inside, and piping hot off the pan. Even better was when we went to Cheung Chow and waited for half an hour for a 90-some year old lady (maybe she was 80-some) to make us the most amazing egg waffles we have ever had. It was incredible! Perfectly sweet and fluffy and crunchy and doughy and hot… I’m going to stop now before I drown my computer in my saliva.

As a housewarming gift, my sister sent me an egg waffle pan with the note included reading: I expect perfect egg waffles when I get there for Thanksgiving. Maybe it was not so demanding. In any case, why not? It’ll be fun! And if I do master egg waffle wieldery, maybe I can also become a 90-some year old lady who has a ten person line out the door of patient people waiting for my perfect egg waffles.

The recipe is super straightforward aside from some weird stuff I don’t stock in my pantry: evaporated milk, tapioca starch, and custard powder. I couldn’t find the custard powder, but another recipe said it was optional, so I didn’t sweat it too much. I think the biggest issue I had was understanding how to use the pan. It’s like a normal waffle, only you can’t flip it over too soon after you put the batter in, you have to evenly distribute the dough across the pan so the insides of the “egg” are hollow, flip over the pan at the right time so that the dough is still runny enough to fill the other half of the mold, you have to make sure you take it off heat so that it doesn’t burn, AND then you have to expertly remove the waffle from the iron to roll it into the shape that allows the waffle to cool enough to touch but not get too soggy.

Whew! Holy run-on sentence!

Actually though, look at this photo:


The leftmost was the first attempt, to its right is the second attempt (most successful attempt), in the upper right corner is the third attempt (dat burn doe), and in the lower right corner is the fourth attempt (semi-successfully hiding the burn?). Clearly, I have a learning curve to deal with here. And since the recipe only calls for two tablespoons of evaporated milk, I have a can left in the fridge that will go bad shortly. Another adventure this weekend? 😀


^^ This is my unabashed attempt to claim that today was not entirely a failure in this endeavor. It looks… decent. Maybe? I hope to have more truthful photos of egg waffles shortly!

Now for the greater success: granola!


For how cheap the ingredients of granola are, it’s incredible just how much people ask you to pay for it. $12 for a pound? No thank you! It’s just rolled oats, oil, and dried fruits! Well, and honey or maple syrup, and it might be organic, and maybe it also has fancy things like coconut shavings and agave nectar. But really. I made so much granola today for way less than $12/pound, AND I have left over ingredients. The hassle is really just stirring the mix in the oven every fifteen minutes for an hour and a half. But that’s not that difficult if you’re working in the kitchen any way. Do some dishes. Stir the granola. Clean the counters. Stir the granola. Put the receipts that have created an unruly pile into an orderly pile. Stir the granola.

My mix was: 5c rolled oats, several large spoonfuls of chia seeds, large spoonfuls of flax seed, a couple spoonfuls of sunflower seeds, 3/4c slivered almonds (note: not “silvered”, “slivered”), and 3/4c walnuts. Instead of maple syrup, I used Arizona honey (bringing it to my roots). I did use vegetable oil… Next time I’m going to use coconut oil though, I think the flavor will be nicer.

Super easy, really delicious. Mine are slightly burnt, so they’ve got a slight smoky flavor to them that I rather like.

So good. Mmhmm. Breakfast just got cheaper.

Thanks for reading! I hope some of that made sense…


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