Orange-Honey Bread

Happy New Year! And I am back. It has been quite the valiant effort to grow accustomed to this city of dampness, and I think I have a better sense of focus as I enter this year 2016. I am going to try to update with more consistency. I am also going to present my blog posts in a new format! I was looking up DSLR remotes so that I could take photos without the timer and by setting up the camera on a tripod and hitting a button that is not on the camera itself. This means that I can take better photos in my apartment. And I found out that most smart phones have IR blasters! Equipped with an app that transforms my phone into a remote shutter controller for my camera, I now try to include images of the baking/cooking process! If you think it sucks, please let me know how I can make it not suck (valid suggestions include: fewer photos, more photos, better quality photos; invalid suggestions include: buy a white photo booth to take all your pictures in). 🙂

I had half a gallon of honey from Arizona, 16oz of honey from a local beekeeper, and 8oz of honey from a different local beekeeper. It is a little bit insane how much honey there is in my home. I am taking this weekend easy and non-social (my favorite kind of weekend). And when I have a nice weekend like this, I look for things to make. (It is another point entirely that I have not made anything to update this blog in a long time.) What with all this honey in my house, I ended up looking for things to make that use honey.

I decided on this recipe from teapotter on for Orange-Honey Bread. I had a few oranges that were super sweet and delicious, so why not bake the sweetness into a loaf?

Here are the ingredients, all measured out and prepped:


The grated cheddar-looking stuff is really zest of orange.

The weirdest part of this recipe was creaming 2tbsp of butter. This is what it looked like:


It looks nasty and not well-creamed. This happened entirely because my spoon could contain all two tablespoons of butter inside it so I ended up just pushing small bits of butter around a very large bowl.

I just plowed right ahead and added the honey, so that there would be more volume with which to incorporate the butter. After vigorous stirring, we arrive at the light and creamy mix of butter and honey. Mostly honey.


Do all the mixing in all the order. And we’re ready to put the batter into the loaf pan! Since I wanted to have one to enjoy myself, I planned to make a series of mini loaves:


As it turns out, the mini loaf took 45min to bake. Which is a lot of time for a mini loaf. So, I decided to only make two mini loaves and put the last of the batter into a 9×5 pan!

I have not yet tried the bread yet (look out for an update). But since there was not much fat in the recipe, I decided to make a simple vanilla-flavored syrup to spread over the loaves. This will add some moisture to the bread. I added orange zest on top because they now will successfully stick to the sugar.


I think I prefer the zest down the middle of the loaf, rather than scattered about. But hey, like I’ve said before, I am no decorator.


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