Pan-fried Salmon

I’ve been requested to be genuine to the “other delights” and include the meals that I make for myself. So, here goes!

Last Monday (January 4), my parents went to the Chinese grocery store and loaded up my refrigerator with so many fresh vegetables. So many. I have not needed to buy vegetables since January 4. Last night, I cooked the dong gwong choy. This is what it looks like:


Photo from this grocer

*I know the grocer claims this is bok choy, but I’m pretty sure that above is dong gwong choy. The two vegetables are similar, but bok choy is called “bok” because of the Anglicized pronunciation of the Chinese word for “white”. And the above image, is distinctly greener than it is white.

I’m skipping over the details of how I cooked this. Because the focus is cooking my food craving from tonight:


It really is a quite straightforward and easy fish to prepare and cook. Things you need:

  • fillet of salmon (de-scale it if you want to eat the yummy skin)
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • cornstarch


Then, you put some corn starch on the fish. My mom says this is to remove the fishy flavor. Not the flavor of the fish, but that seawater mixed with fishery smell. And my mom is always right.

Next up is to grind the peppercorns and sprinkle a bit of salt over both sides of the fillet. My mom also puts garlic powder.


Voila! You’re done with the prep!

Grab a good non-stick or ceramic frying pan and heat over medium-high heat (but closer to medium… like 2/3 highest heat) with oil that can withstand the high temperature (avocado/sunflower/canola, etc.). When the pan is hot, fish goes in! I put in the skin first, but somehow I now feel like my mom puts it belly side first. I don’t know if this matters.


After a couple minutes, when the skin is crispy (!!), flip the fillet over!


Wait a couple more minutes. And you’re done!


Optional to have it with dong gwong choy. 😉



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